Please note, for all BIF events participation is by invitation only.

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15-16 Mar Board Meeting of BIF's Trustees  
27-31 Mar 119th International Titisee Conference
(participation is by invitation only)
Titisee, Germany
19-24 May Communication Seminar Mainz, Germany
12-13 Jul Board Meeting of BIF's Trustees  
3-9 Aug Summer Seminar Hirschegg, Austria
13-18 Sep
Communication Seminar
Cold Spring Harbor, USA
16-20 Oct
120th International Titisee Conference
(participation is by invitation only)
Titisee, Germany
15-16 Nov
Board Meeting of BIF's Trustees
13 Dec
Christmas Party
Mainz, Germany
Meeting of BIF's Board of Trustees
The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds' Board of Trustees includes six renowned scientists, a member of the Shareholder's Committee of the company Boehringer Ingelheim and, as a permanent guest, a representative of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Their expert judgement characterizes the work of our foundation. The trustees meet three times a year to decide on the allocation of fellowships.

Communication seminars
Presenting yourself and your results professionally is an important skill to advance your career. We invite current fellows to a five-day intensive communication seminar during which experts teach writing, rhetorics, presenting, and graphics design skills. Fellowship holders working in North America will be invited to the Cold Spring Harbor seminar. German native speakers working in Europe will be invited to the Lautrach seminar held in German, non-German speakers working in Europe may be invited to the Mainz seminar or the Cold Spring Harbor Seminar, held in English. Fellows are expected to participate once. Participation is upon invitation only. Programme and organizational details will be sent with the invitation.

International Titisee Conferences 
Since 1962, the International Titisee Conferences (ITCs) of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds have been held at lake Titisee, in the attractive surroundings of the Black Forest in southern Germany. Their topics cover the entire spectrum of basic research in biomedicine, ranging from “The dynamical brain” to “Protein design at the crossroads of biotechnology, chemistry, theory and evolution”. The conferences are held every spring and autumn and last from Wednesday evenung to Sunday morning. They are meant to encourage scientific exchange. Participation is by invitation only.
Hirschegg - Summer Seminar
Seminar for PhD fellowship holders working in Europe. The meeting takes place in scenic Hirschegg (Kleinwalsertal), Austria. Participants will present their PhD projects and results. In addition to the scientific presentations, fellows will have the opportunity to discuss career subjects. The programme is supplemented by several guided hiking tours in the surrounding Alps. As usual, the programme and the organizational details will be sent with the invitation.

BIF Christmas Party in December
BIF's Christmas Party for fellows and alumni is organized by the fellows. Come round to have something to eat, a glass of "Gluehwein", tell us about your year and any new plans you have, meet fellow alumni and the BIF team and have a good time. Food and beverages will be taken care of, floor space for people wanting to stay overnight is available. Breakfast for the morning after will be provided as well. Please register with the fellows organizing the event.

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