Apr 2019: Three fellows elected as AAAS members

Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Ivan Dikic, and Detlef Weigel have been elected as members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, AAAS. To be so honoured, individuals have to show compelling achievements in academia, business, government, and public affairs. “With the election of these members, the Academy upholds the ideals of research and scholarship, creativity and imagination, intellectual exchange and civil discourse, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge in all its forms,” said David W. Oxtoby, President of the AAAS. All three are members of the same class, the biological sciences, but in different sections: while Sebastian and Detlef have been elected into section 2 (Cellular and Developmental Biology, Microbiology, and Immunology) and 4 (Evolutionary and Population Biology and Ecology) respectively, Ivan is elected as an intersectional member. Among the new members is also former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Professor Sebastian Bonhoeffer, ETH Zurich, Institute of Integrative Biology, Zurich, Switzerland, Fellowship: 1992-1995

Professor Ivan Dikic, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, Postdoctoral fellow: 1997

Professor Detlef Weigel, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany, Fellowship: 1987–1988

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